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Futuristic sci fi naval RTS, set on different planets, featuring human, alien and mixed factions. The game integrates combat, economy and research mechanics for to create interesting gameplay.

Tonbo-X for VR: OculusQuest2/Rift

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Forsaken Order

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Welcome to Frosthelm. This is the starting country for the initial release of my game, Forsaken Order.

I’m looking for anyone who would like to volunteer to work on this passion project of mine. I’m open to new ideas, and I’m willing to learn a thing or two. I am only one person, so I know I don’t know everything.

Hundreds of years ago, Frosthelm was overrun with dragons who wanted nothing more than to terrorize its citizens. After many years of this, the dragons grew bored and decided to leave their new creation, the Dragonkin, in their place to continue wreaking havoc while they slumbered. The Dragonkin saw this as their opportunity to escape the rule of their masters. They pleaded with the gods to destroy the dragons and free them from their turmoil. The Gods heard their pleas and took to arms. The battle was long and gruesome. The dragons heard of their underlings’ betrayal and sought to kill them all for disobeying. Only one child was hidden away from the battle who would survive. Her name was Mai. The Gods finally gained the upper hand in the war with the emergence of a new God called Kishi, the Goddess of Luck. The Dragons were finally destroyed, and their reign of terror was no more.

Forsaken Order is a game that begins with our MC, Mai, Travelling to the city of Ethren with her companion, Aroniel. Mai has finally decided to try and learn more about her family, and if it’s possible anyone else survived. Aroniel tells her about the shrine in Ethren that can communicate with the Gods. After reaching the Shrine, many figures in dark cloaks burst in. After trying to fight them off, the cloaked figures destroy the shrine. Mai and Aroniel manage to capture one before they can escape. After some Interrogation, the cloaked man reveals that he’s part of a Cult that is trying to revive the Dragon of Chaos to reinstate the rule of the Dragons.

That’s all I’m going to reveal of the story at the moment.

In this game, the player will have to option of choosing from a pool of different characters to have in their party. These characters are all upgradable and can be controlled by the player. You will have a party of up to 4 who will be on the field with you to assist you in combat and other things.

Many of the game’s aspects have not been completed yet, so there is plenty of room for changes and additions. Feel free to message me if you have any questions or would like to work on the project. If the game ends up making money, then Anyone who contributed will get paid a percentage of the revenue made.

I look forward to working with you!

An open world game

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I am searching for devs (developers) that can.

program a game , model weapons - cars - bikes - motorcycles- planes - boats - trains - characters ,

make animations , make an open world game and make IA.

the engine where the game is gone be made is unreal engine 4

and the game is supposed to be 3 dimensional

Dont Get Infected

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Dont Get Infected is a Phone Arcade Game, where the main character, Mr. Mask, has to protect himself from the infected people on the street. Basically, it is a game in the shoot em up form factor (without shooting) where you need to avoid people coughing viruses.


----> create a trending game, a game to play for a short time, to beat records and compare those to others, the same type as temple run, flappy bird, subway surfer…

----> try to get the game as fast as possible as high as possible in the Google Play and Appstore’s charts (the pandemic isn't staying forever...)

----> Revenue: ads or premium in-application-purchases, maybe at first completely free

----> Platforms: Android and IOS

About me and my team: I came up with this idea a few weeks ago and thought: why not implement it? Since my coding skills are not good enough to develop a game, I started searching the web for developers to join in me in this project. Fast forward two weeks and now we have a team of 4 people:

----> 2 programmers working on the game mechanics

----> 1 sound engineer

----> 1 designer and supervising the game (me).

Who am I searching for?

----> A 2D Artist who is comfortable in doing flat models and using pseudo 3d effects. For more details on the style we use check out the --New UI!-- picture below! Since we are all doing this without compensation there is of course room open for own ideas and implementations.

Payment: Shares in the game.

If you are interested and want to know more about the idea message me here :)! You can also send me a friend request on discord (domkin#3878)!

Ps.: you can find more information here:

The Dead Await Us

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"The Dead Await Us" is an open world Survival Horror game. You and two of your friends embark on a cross country journey from Fort Wayne to the east coast, in order to escape the pandemic ravaging the globe. The Rabbies virus has mutated, and turned humans into dangerous creatures. Early Alpha Footage:

For any business or collaboration opportunities, please send questions/resume to:

Unicorn Racers

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An Arcade racer centered loosely on the Unicorn Myths. This racer will feature strange and wonderful worlds for you to race around and achieve the goal of number 1 to save not only the Unicorn worlds but also the Unicorns way of life.

Lurk Zero

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The game will be a single-player turn-based RPG with roguelike and zeldalike elements, a lot of randomly/procedurally generated content, focusing on tactical combat and strategy.

Snow Walker

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Snow Walker is a 2D side-scroller RPG with a focus on exploration, story and survival. You can explore unique cities and dungeons which are connected by the unpredictable wilderness.

Our art and lore is inspired by both Norse mythology and Lovecraftian literature. Our combat is inspired by 2D platformer titles like hollow knight and dead cells. We're trying to combine these elements with different RPG mechanics found in games like the Elder Scrolls, the Witcher and World of Warcraft.

Exploring cities involves talking and trading with NPC's, as well as doing quests and side-activities. Outside of cities the player will encounter dangerous enemies such as, wild animals, demons, spirits and hunters, but these foes are not the only thing standing in the protagonists way. To survive in the wild you must also stand up again the dangers of mother nature and fate. To do so the player has a few tools at their disposal including: resting, inventory, crafting and alchemy. We are trying to achieve an experience that immerses the player into a calm and relaxing journey, while giving them engaging quests that include combat, puzzle solving, and boss fights.

We're a small team of 6 people at this moment and we're developing the game in the Godot Engine (GDScript). We plan to release the game on PC, Linux and Mac.

The game is still in the prototyping stage and we still need a few more people to finish this game. You will receive a percentage of the games revenue once we release it (based on contribution).

We also plan to use Kickstarter and/or Patreon once the prototype is finished.

Our jobs and requirements:


You will work with a generic character controller which interacts with a lot of different RPG systems like the inventory, trading, dialogue and many more.

We also need help with our world building which includes things like a weather system and world interactions (crates, doors, levers, ...).


- good coding skills

- experience with the Godot Engine and GDScript

- you know how to use version control (git)

- the time to work at least 5 - 10 hours a week on this project


- you're not afraid of state machines, character controllers and lots of different GUI systems

3D Character Modelling/Animation:

Since we're creating a big world with lots of different characters we had to come up with something to make the character asset creation process easier.

We plan on using a tool we made to convert 3D animations into 2D pixel art spritesheets. That's why we need a 3D artist to help us out.

You will create 3D character animations which don't have to look as detailed as a regular 3D animation would. Afterwards you will use the tool we made to process this 3D animation into a 2D spritesheet.


- the ability to model, rig and animate 3D characters with basic shapes

- the time to work at least 5 - 10 hours a week on this project


- previous experience with pixel art

Pixel artist:

Even if we're able to eliminate a lot of the basic pixel art work with the help of our 3D to 2D pipeline (see above) we still need someone to work on the details.

You will animate 2D pixel art characters of all kinds and shapes including humans, demons, animals and many more.


- you're able to create good looking pixel art characters that fit our current style

- at least 5 - 10 hours of time per week to work on this game

Social Media and Community/Team Management:

This job consists of different tasks like:

- regular posts and maintenance of our social media accounts

- managing our discord server

- team recruitment and management of trials

- maintaining our project management board (trello)

- keeping documents like our GDD up to date and clean

and more.

If you would like to participate or have some questions visit us on our discord

Fallen Memories

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The game tells the story of a girl waking up to an unknown place. Confused about how she even got here, she finds out that she is in a beautiful and vibrant world far from her own.

As she explores this unknown world, she interacts with the fauna and flora that she has never seen before, and explores the vast nature that is certainly anything beyond her imagination. But, underneath that beauty and vibrancy, thorns spread throughout this world.

Bloodthirsty creatures lurk about, they seek by day and hunt by night. And it so happens that they picked up on this girl, and now they're actively pursuing her for their next meal. While on the run from these creatures, her goal is to get out alive and return to her own world.


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Astroworks is a 3d fast-paced arcade space combat action game. Project is Rev-Share.

*display img by IonfluxDA/DeviantArt*

Project Snowflake

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A post-apocalyptic card game with survival elements and base building.

The project is revenue share, each of the members will receive a percentage when the game is on steam and selling.

We already have a team of 8 people working on the project at this moment.

More information will be available once you get accepted.


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What is DreamLand?

DreamLand is a Fantasy-RPG inspired by Undertale, Mother/Earthbound series, Paper Mario and Taiko no Tatsujin: Chibi Dragon to Fushigi na orb & Stepmania.

This game is based on the decisions that the player wants to do, the catchphrase of the game itself is "A world where the illusion of choice doesn't exists",

"For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction"

-Isaac Newton

This game will actually make you decide, if you decide something there's a counter of that decision you took, maybe not after 10 minutes after you decide or 20, but it will haunt you overtime, on you first walkthrough you can't erase your data!

If you ruined it, then live with it, you can't erase your own live if you took a bad decision in the past, right?

After you finish the game 1 time, you can unlock additional saveslots so you can try different desicions!

This game is based on desicions the more you take the more the game knows about you, if you aren't a good person the game will not have any mercy on you, on the other side if you are a good person the game will not punish you as hard as a bad person, but it will do anyway, no matter what you do the game will remember anything, even if you erase your own file.

How the art has changed overtime?

In DreamLand we actually are really pending on the aesthetics of it! actually we did more than 5 generations (redos) of the characters for have the best experience for the player, there's an example of the evolution from generation to generation of the art style down below, feel free to check it anytime!.

-Which will be the cast for the game? RPG's are characteraized for having good characters in a good story development.

This is the evolution on the cast over the creation of art itself, here you can see a detailed explanation of the characters:

Oott, the male protagonist of the game!, you can give him the personality you like, after all... you are him!.

Camellia, the female protagonist of the game!, you can give her the personality you like, after all you are her!.

Mila, a shy girl that doesn't has any friends, she always have been rejected by everyone even by her own blood, her mother and father..., but you never see her sad or depressed about it, she feels happy how she is, but those kind of things hurt her feelings like every normal person, she joins to your team because she wants to know what is having a friend for her very first time.

Exe, A scientist guy that wants some attention from his father. Exe is always alone at home, his dad is always working and his mother died long time ago... even if he shows his father the most elaborate system on the whole island, his father never notices him... He actually create things his bare hands! His bare hands!, Exe tries to catch his father's attention but he never accomplish it..., he joins to the team for impress his father.

Sarah, A deportist girl that do not wants to be the shadow of her sister, Sarah's mother always compare Sarah with her sister, she says that Sarah's sister is "Femenine" and "It's a true lady", she joins to the team because she wants to her mother seem her with a new perspective.

A pet, in DreamLand we give the liberty to the player of adopt a pet from the streets or buy a mascot from a pet shop, If you adopt one, their will be stronger than a bought pet, but if you bought one that pet will have 2 extra lives, if the pet dies 1 or 2 times it will die forever, a system of perma-death

-How the game will be and what mechanics you are going to introduce?

This game is not a conventional Fantasy-RPG, this RPG will use things of the real life such as hippies or robots as enemies and instead using swords and magic, you will use baseball bats and mentai!

Mentai are psychic habilities that some characters can have such as Exe and Mila!

The game will grow with you, if you level up the game will level up in difficulty with you, no matter what keep your team flushed, now you know that this game will be hard for a "normal" Western-RPG.

If you reclute someone the game will get harder and the game will do damage based on the damage you can do.

The overworld will be the same as Paper Mario, but the battles will have a twist, every monster has something different, new music and new patterns.


Yes patterns, the game itself will use a "Dance"-like mechanic, just like this! :

Credits to: Puurokulho

This will be an idea of how will be the battle but it will be more variated, because every pattern changes if the monster changes.

The battles will become really variated if we talk about options, you can choose between attack, use an item, mentai powers, check the monster, guard, bond and run!

I will keep this a mystery for those ones that want to know more about it~

-How will be the narrative? because is a really important thing to have in mind while doing a game...

The game will have a really good sense of humour, exagerated/ hilarious and even cruel sometimes! We will not use pop culture jokes, like memes or passing fads for the game, because if you play the game 20 years after it's release you are not going to understand any joke that the game will present you, because it was a passing fad or a dead meme.

Also the game will be extremely emotional because it relates things that actually happened to me, actual experiences, and i can say that this game will be extremely emotional and sad, from the character development to the characters backstories...

- What aesthetics do you want in your game?

The aesthetics, I want something like paper mario, easy to draw, looks good and it doesn't takes too much time, i don't want to use pixels this time, i want to use handrawn sprites.

- What if i don't want to join to the project but i want to see your process in the game?

If you want to join us in discord here's the link to it, with that you can see what we've done so far and follow the game by yourself even you can chat with another invites! and if you think that you can colaborate with something feel free to do it! also You will be in the credits! You can play the demo early, before everyone else! and also know more about the team or just chat with random people that were interested in the project! so many benefits and just a click away! and we will make sure that you don't theft the idea if you just got an idea about it~:

- Wow, this is a really ambitious project are you sure that you are not going to leave it halfway through?

No actually, i've worked with this idea for 3 years now and i think that it's the time for work with teammates, so i will not leave this project incomplete if you are worried about that, and the game will not be that long i want at least 10 hours of gameplay, so i think that, that is correct for this kind of game, if the game gets longer while development, then will be more hours of pure fun and joy!


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Evolver is a 2D fighter & metroidvania beat'em up reaching a state of code completion, and as a result we are in need of an artist to work on the project. Please PM me if you're interested. More info about the game below.

Log Line: Evolver is a 2D platform fighter with unique combat styles and input mechanics that allow for limitlessly diverse game play. With 16 characters each with over a dozen possible character setups, there are more than 200 ways to play the game. That diversity of gameplay combined with deep resource management and high speed gameplay make Evolver a fun, hype-filled fighter like no other.

Plot, gameplay, and how they work together: Similar in impact to the discovery of nuclear energy, people mathematically solve for the human soul and create a process to harness it's energy which they call deviation. However, draining ones own soul, whether for war/violence or medicine, talents, etc, causes deterioration of the mind and body leading to psychosis and physical decay. As a response, a special kind of a weapon (called a Totem) is created that users can permanently store a small portion of their Senergy (the current term I'm using for the energy the soul produces) in, allowing them to proliferate on that energy without suffering illness. Shortly before the great war, true AI is discovered and used to create a new kind of Totem called a Sceptre. Sentient AI (though they themselves don't have souls outside of the Senergy from their masters) are housed in the Sceptres allowing for more advanced weapon techniques. Sceptres are very loyal and usually have personalities that compliment their masters.

Additionally, people who channel their Senergy, aka Deviants, also generally have unique soul data, something specific to their genetic makeup that manifests as what we might think of as a unique super power. However, some people do not have unique soul data and as a result, are able to store and process external data as soul data. These people are called Evolvers.

The plot of the game centers around a terrorist called the Veiled Maiden. In the game world, it is possible to steal the unique data of others using an illegal kind of mod chip in a Sceptre called a RipChip. RipChips aren't commonly used as anyone with unique soul data can store two, maybe three additional unique sets of other people's data before they start to experience physical and mental deterioration. The Veiled Maiden, however, is an Evolver, and is seemingly the most powerful at that. Even strong Evolvers can't store more than a few dozen powers without beginning to deteriorate, but the Veiled Maiden uses a mod chip she created that emits a blanket rip signal allowing her to steal data from crowds of people at once showing no signs of deterioration (though this is assumed to be because she is already insane). She acts as the main antagonist against our hero, Thadeo Kayunimura, who is also an Evolver. The story mode is centered around his conquest to defeat the Veiled Maiden, though his motives for doing so aren't at all because he is a hero.

These same factors also fuel the gameplay for the multiplayer modes of the game. Each character has 3 fighting Styles, and each Style has a light and a heavy Stance, which each of them in turn of a special move or Stance Burst. Each character has a hand-to-hand Style, a weapon Style using their Sceptre, and Power Style using their unique data. (In the story mode, Thadeo starts off with his CopterBlades, and picks up Soul Data for a Storm Caller unique data stance as well as data for a big hand melee stance, and these are the stances he has as a multiplayer character.) On the character select menu, players choose their character, and then map the 4 action keys to the 4 (of 6) stances they want to use. That means 16 possible stance combinations for each of 15 characters equates to 240 possible ways to play the game from character choice alone. Additionally, the single player modes provide for the use of mod chips which add passive abilities e.g bleed damage, life steal, etc to be added to stances. Combined with the coding system which will allow players to create their own mod chips using code snippets (for example: the snippet "if projectile" may be combined with the snippet "deal ice damage") and then apply them to stances, it may be the most customizable beat'em up metroidvania in creation.

The story is full, complete, and contains all of the playable characters. The cast is pretty diverse and the moves/weapons/fight styles are designed to be relatively unique e.g Thadeo using helicopter blades as swords. Some other examples of fighting styles include the Veiled Maiden's Swan's Fury stance which is essentially ballet fighting, Gorbral Oswald's Echokinesis in which he creates sound waves as his means of attacking including snapping and using the sound waves as bullets, and Parker & Archy's slapstick stance in which they behave as sketch comedians seeming to swing at each other but moving around each other to dodge each others attacks to hit the enemy instead.

Unity survival horror project

No genre

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Survival horror game with typical FPS combat, item management, puzzles and environmental story telling. Influenced by old Resident Evil and Silent Hill games.


The game will be set in a rural town in the US, where the hero of the game get stuck after stopping to rest from a long road trip with his wife. You battle fanatic town folks and unravel the town mystery as you make your way to escape this nightmare.

The game will offer a sense of vulnerability in a way of controlling an average Joe, wielding non-automatic guns with limited supplies and ammo. It will feature a forgotten gameplay aspects such as item management and puzzle solving.

The combat will be a typical FPS, minus the fast movement, quick reloading and endless supply of ammo, The guns will play a big role of empowering you and making you vulnerable at the same time. The guns will range from pistols, shotguns, and rifles all of which are non-automatic and with small magazines to make sure that no matter how many bullets you have, you will always be threatened by the enemies.

To put emphasis on survival, there won't be any checkpoints, you will have to save manually every now and then by a fixed saving stations.

My part

As a designer for 3 years in a construction company, I've had a lot of experience in architecture and 3D modeling, I'll be using those skills in designing the entire game world/map (buildings, interiors, streets, 3D assets, etc...) while also collaborating with other team members on a story that drives the gameplay forward, also on characters & their motives and writing dialogue.


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Sirrossae is an RPG that combines the world setting of Dungeons and Dragons into the gameplay of X-COM.

Looking for an artist willing to team up

The artist will get a 10% of the profits earned from sales once the game has launched, unless otherwise specified.

Total Manager

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Total Manager is a web-based online football manager game where the Business Development is a major aspect of it.


Hi there.

Thanks a lot for stopping by.

We are working on the online football management game and looking for a game developer who could help us to develop the live match simulation with babylonjs or threejs or any other similar 3d game engine.

You will be working closely with the back-end developer on live match simulation based on the generated data you will get from the database (player skills, team skills, weather and other factors).

We offer you a 10% to 15% share from a profit.

If you are interested in the project, you can read the overview here:

Get in touch with me if you are interested or have any questions.

Thanks in advance!


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We are an international group of Independent VR developers(1 Programmer, 1 Artist, 1 Composer) soon to be forming a company and looking for some new team members. We are all self-funded (I own / as an artist and like-wise our current Programmer & Composer each also have their own separate companies) and we are looking for new team members in similar situations.

This would be Revenue Share and Company Share. We are trying to form a core team of specialists for the percentage divisions in the company. Our goal is to have a company/team focused on future growth. This is a serious commitment(but less risk if you already have income) so please only reach out if you are serious about breaking into the VR industry with us.

Programmer Needed:

We are in need of a 2nd Programmer, as our project requirements demand more then just one programmer. If interested you must have an HTC Vive to develop with. Experience with VR programming is helpful but not required. Our current planned distribution platform is Steam (VR content bypasses Green-light requirements).

Artist Needed:

We are in need of a 2nd Artist. Particularly if you are good with 3d Meshes, Rigging, and 3D Animation (but personal drive is more important than anything). If interested you must have access to the proper art software (blender mostly) to develop with.

The current IP/Project is an Educational VR title aimed for completion in ~4-6 months. It is being made in Unity. It has already been designed and the Game Design Document has been in use. We are already in production of game assets and are on our way to a solid game. More details of this particular IP will be given once we start a dialog, should you have interest.

We also have a few future IPs/ Titles(non-educational too) already designed (with GDDs) and they would be lined up for production right after release of our first title. There will be a good deal of creative freedom once we get established in the industry. The first couple of projects are already decided on, but as a team we will brainstorm on changes and such. Future IPs can be designed together as a team, as it should be, once we have a good foundation in the industry and can afford to take more risks in design.

This is a good opportunity if you happen to already have some part-time income and have enough extra time to help develop a VR game. Or perhaps your financially supported – this could be a great way to follow your passion.

Thanks for reading and please PM me if you are interested!


No genre

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ANDi Games Ltd is a London based start up. Our first project; ANDi, is your personal mobile games assistant out now (for Android) and coming soon to iOS and other mobile platforms. ANDi Games Ltd have plans to expand into console, PC and VR development in the near future.

ANDi is your new, personalised gaming assistant. ANDi helps you choose the next game you’ll want to play from your current games as well as finding you new games. Games live in one place, in the main app and are available from a home screen launcher widget. All to make launching your favourite game easier! ANDi introduces the world’s first Tinder for Games. Learning your preferences as you swipe, this new feature recommends new games, based on previous choices.


Google Play Store -

Press -

Exit Limbo Indiegame

No genre

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Mr. Rhino existence is far from serene: An unsatisfying job, a society in which he feels marginalized, a tormented past. One evening, on his way back from work, his life is turned upside down. After an accident on the metro, a vicious zombie sheep appears before him, which marks the beginning of a spree of chaos. The city of Modena transforms into a projection of his mind, the rot of his psyche materialize into monstrous creatures that invade his city and the protagonist is left with no option but to fight.

This is how Mr.Rhino's journey begins searching for the root of his madness, the essence of his tormented existence, in the hope of overcoming the oblivion.

Exit limbo is in under development by “Virtual Craft” and "Twisted Mirror" and inspired by celebrated beat 'em ups of the 80's/90's, in particular the “Street Fighter” and “Streets of Rage" series, reinterpreting the genre with a fresh and updated look, fruit of contemporary tools and techniques.

The soundtrack is in the hands of the “Exit Limbo Band”, a music band which is affiliated and have been inspirational to the project, giving the game their mascot, Mr. Rhino.

For more information visit :

Binary Sparks DEMO

No genre

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Genre: Puzzle/Platformer

By: Robin Andblom & Ross Terry 2016

Welcome to the 9th dimension!

Use weather effects, electricity and dimension shifts to solve puzzles. Your mission is to connect all contacts to plugins of the correpsonding color. To do this, you will use B.O.B (Binary Organized Bot).


Download link:

Amber Crown Games Homepage:

Zombie Apocalypse

No genre

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This game is a zombie outbreak survival game. You walk and the player moves. Walk around to find weapons. Zombies can appear and when you tap them you start a battle. Stop around parks and tap on stops to get gear and health aids.




Custom Minecraft

No genre

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I have an idea. Lets take a raspberry PI and make a custom portable block that runs minecraft! We have to design the block to do this. I would like for people who know and are familiar with using raspberry Pis, design and build the block and make it out of plastic or some other material that will be discussed later. All other detail will be discussed later when you've been added to the team!


No genre

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DRIFT INTO ETERNITY (D.I.E.) is an immersive First Person Survival Game. Trapped in a wrecked ship, you have to struggle to stay alive: salvage what you need to repair the damaged systems, close the many breaches slowly riping the hull open, and try to withstand your thirst and hunger while keeping your spirits up.

Staying alive will be hard and this game won't go easy on you, you better bring all you got!

WARNING! There is no Zombies in this game!

Ancient Beast

No genre

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Turn Based Strategy game with lots of creatures to summon.

The project is Free and Open Source, playable from the browser.

Stupid Stones Adventure

No genre

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Two brothers working on Stupid Stones Adventure for PC, Mac, 3DS, PS4, Xbox One, PS Vita, Android and iOS. Classic arcade shooter - with a colorful twist!

Escape Machines

Sci-fi strategy/tactical shooter

View project

Its a mix of tactical shooter and RTS. You can see this game on Steam

Inititally it was made with Flash ActionScript and now its remade with Unreal Engine and we are looking for an Unreal Engine developer. I am offering revenue share.

Gods' Madness: Terromnia

RPG, Adventure

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An adventure RPG that revolves around the journey of a prisoner on a legendary, with a great quest of finding an ancient relic in order to clear his name and bring glory to his empire.

Bubble Game

Marble Popper

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My first actual game in Unity. The prototype is pretty much finished but I need some art done.

Candy Sugar Kingdom


View project

Operation Downfall

First Person Shooter

View project

A game about the planned invasion of Japan at the end of World War 2 which didn't happen due to the nuclear bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Stardust Galaxy Warriors

View project

Want to join our BETA? Find the link from our Twitter @SGWgame

Stick Life 2

No genre

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Stick Life 2 has been in making for about more than a year!

But I need some help! I would love someone to play the game and make a 20 x 32 sprite of a stick man, I'm only good at coding in Game Maker: Studio.

Here is the link:


[Android] FREE game with NO ADS

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Currently working on ArcTap, it is a very simple but fun and challenging game with unique mechanics.




Work in progress.

Follow on twitter @ArclightApps

Deviated Sanctum

Survival Horror

View project

The Final Frontier

a story in the black

View project

It’s the year 2200 A.D. You’ve found yourself stranded on the other side of a black hole, severing any ties to home in the process. Feelings of isolation quickly disappear as it’s made clear that you are not alone.

The Final Frontier is an isometric action role-playing shooter that takes place on different planets in the distant future. Interactivity is done primarily through the mouse (for movement, attacking, etc) while the keyboard is used for hotkey commands and accessing the menu. Interesting note: the strength of the player will be dependent on his or her own skill and by the equipment he or she has. We feel this is a more tangible and familiar approach as opposed to the abstract notion of a leveling system.

Our project’s goal is to create a prototype that demonstrates the game’s core features. With this in mind, our project’s scope will be small. The prototype will only include three maps for the player to explore. However, we intend for each map to be well-designed and enjoyable. While exploring, the player will fight enemies, acquire items, learn new skills, and talk to NPCs.

Cadalion Online


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Johnny Reboot

2.5D Sci-Fi Side-Scroller

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Retro Action Arcade Space Odyssey!

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Pheugo is an ancient greek word which means "Escape" or "Flee" which exactly what this game is about. You play the role of several heroes who can jump, grab and throw objects. You are imprisoned in an intergalactic zoo of sorts. One day the close proximity of an rouge star causes the gate to glitch the lock on your prison cell giving you just enough time to make your ESCAPE. Unfortunately from that point on alarm bells ring and prison drones try their utmost to foil your escape. They themselves do not attack you but they laser out enemies who's only program is to subdue you one way or another (usually by pushing you off the platform into space). To make your escape you have to run down to the nearest jump gate and jump in. This will then take you to the next world which is actually worse than the one before it. Eventually you make it your way to the character's home world which has been overrun by evil dudes and you must do your utmost to reverse that situation!

The Forsakens

Survival Horror

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Ryan, goes into a abandon manor, to search for his friends, after getting into a deadly car crash.

Our goal is to give this game, the Resident Evil 4 style, but with more horror. Using Unreal 4 Engine.

Shinobi Densetsu

Swords, Sorcery and Shuriken

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Shinobi Densetsu is what happens when you cross RPG, Platformer, Fighter and Stealth.

Taking the role of young ninja Hokusaki Michio in an adventure to find the truth about his parents, both revered as legendary ninjas who went misteriously missing, you will eventually uncover the treacherous conspiracy of a man who wants to dominate all lands with help of dark forces.

Unlike typical RPGs which predetermin or let you choose how your character develops, in SD your character is an extension of yourself, and will develop according to your gameplay. Two playthroughs from the same player can lead to two completely different characters.

Fighting is done much like in typical 2D 1 on 1 fighters and street brawlers, with the added perk of weapons, shots and hand-to-hand combat being totally independent of each other and combineable.

The platforming aspect lets you do the most common platforming movements like double jumps, wall jumps, and such, but adds unique physics because, well, ninjas don't obey to regular physics!

The game is being rebuilt from scratch in every aspect, that's why the videos are so old. Stay tuned for more soon, or give us a shout if you'd like to know something!

Shattered Worlds: Scifi Card & Wargame

Card & Wargame

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Combine fast-paced card action with tactical positioning! Shattered Worlds merges the excitement of modern collectible card games with the glory days of hex-based SciFi wargaming. Outthink your opponent on different hex maps filled with space hazards!

[REM] eddy

Platformer, hardcore, survival

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"Eddy is from the 21st century and travels in time to find a remedy to his illness that turned him into a vampire when he tried to find a cure for the cancer he has, Dr Jekyll makes remedies for him, but keeps failing at it.

At some point you have to fight Hyde. We can see werewolves as well, vampire hunters, ghouls, zombies, Countess Bathory, Frankenstein… He has to travel to get ingredients for Jekyll. Hyde could be the final boss and the reason why Jekyll kept messing up, leaving Eddy is his state, never finding the remedy.

He could meet Jean-Baptiste Grenouille and he would have to fight people bewitched by his perfume. Travel to France, Romania, Germany..."


Are you a fan of Rayman, Metal Slug and Castlevania?

Do you like Super Meat Boy, Teslagrad, Eggnogg or Trine and would like to blend all of them together to make something REALLY epic?


This game will feature several mechanics from the games above to create a unique experience never seen before, such as transformations, limited lives, and different weapons according to the character, fencing, and lots of other combat techniques!


Supports a XBOX 360 controller. Would be released at $15.

Aviation Game

Low Poly Style

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Hello, this project will be aimed at aviation lovers as this will give users the experience to fly around the world (in real world countries) in the game.

This would obviously not be as complex and realistic as FSX, hence the Low poly style that we've decided to incorporate. There will be different roles in the game such as pilots (fly from small Cessna planes to big 747 jets), ATC (guide planes to land at desired airports) and ground crew... This game will take the whole social aspect of multiplayer games to a whole new level!

To The Last Breath

Roguelike Survival

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Fight for sheer survival in this Multiplayer Post-Apocalyptic Rogue-like game made with the Unity Game Engine.

To The Last Breath is a Top-Down perspective, rogue-like game that emphasizes the challenges of surviving under the constraint of having very limited resources. As a rogue-like with the perma-death feature, the survival aspect becomes even more emphasized, as players have to constantly analyze their environment and their strategies in order to traverse the world safely and keep their unique weapons, gear, and experience that have been earned along the way.

Players that seek a greater challenge and variety, will have the option to play the game with other players. Friend and Foes are equally likely outcomes in every encounter, and players must be doubly prepared for the dangers that await.

The game will come with changing environments for each play through, and a good emphasis will be placed in making the experience varied and fresh throughout.

My part

I have previously developed a rogue-like game for a University project, along with a group of other developers. This new project will use some of the functionality that I, and another programmer (who is also joining in) worked on in the previous game, including the random room generation and the tools associated with it and other parts of the game. I will be guiding the team as a producer and as a designer throughout development, and I will do my best to make sure that the project is finished to completion.

(Expected) Revenue

Until there is money available from the Kickstarter campaign, this project will be strictly on a volunteer basis.

Risks & challenges

One of the challenges is not knowing entirely how long this project will take or who will be willing to work or what situations will arise that will prevent one from continuing development. If you are not accepted into the project, but if you are still a good fit, we will try to keep you informed for open positions.

Complete volunteers are always welcome, and if your work makes it into the final game, credit will be given to you appropriately.

There is also the risk of the game not being able to be funded, but this is a risk that every project has, and I hope everyone will take their part in sharing the work once the game is ready to be shown.

Please contact me at:

Road Fever.

Classic Survival Horror.

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This is like classic Resident Evil set in Victorian Ireland, following an æsthetic of German expressionism in silent films and telling a simple story in a complex way with attention to characterisation. Our engine is Unreal Engine 4. Here are videos:



Instead of explaining the plot, which is rather tired by now, we'll explain the ideology. We wanted to make the game we were hoping we would get in 2005 when Resident Evil 4 came out. We love RE4, but we wanted survival horror, which we didn't get. We love fixed cameras and tank controls as well, which we didn't get (well, we got tank controls, but not fixed cameras).

In order to make this rather different from our inspiration and do it all legal, we've adopted a new setting for the game: Ireland in 1898. This setting introduces fears that would be artificial in a world of electricity and mobile phones and automatic weapons. In Road Fever, for example, most weapons take too long to reload in combat and as such the player is not given this option (reloading for these weapons is done when the player is in a safe location).


The game is named after a combination of diseases that ran rampant during the Great Famine in mid-19th-century Ireland. The symptoms were similar to the famous Black Plague. These diseases were carried by lice and victims would be veritable skeletons for their hunger, staggering along the roads in search of food, in tattered clothes and nigh decaying as they walked. The majority failed to reach any destination and would drop dead in heaps on these roads, sometimes half-alive but too weak to move. No-one knew lice were the carriers, and people came to associate going anywhere near the road with contracting the diseases. Hence, 'road fever'. In this game, our protagonist Ned Lyons has survived the Famine and when he sees the roads littered with corpses, some of them stumbling about with only vague senses of direction, this is what it reminds him of.


The æsthetic we're using is inspired mostly by silent films. We intend to use subtle spotlights to help players see important items, not unlike the techniques used in the classic film industry. Though not a silent film, Citizen Kane is visually a huge influence on the design of the mansion. Aiding in this, all sounds are put through a 1930s vinyl simulator. In some cases we'll hold back on the bass to add some power, but to the average ear it will sound very old, and this is what we want.

Another interesting thing is that in using limited saves and no continue options, the style of horror shifts dramatically. More akin to the horrors of real life, this style of horror is about *nearly* dying, not actually dying. In real life, the fear of death and the desperation to survive are very strong, and following the onset of death, one is no longer capable of fear. In a computer game, this is true as well, and after a few attempts at a particular section, the fear becomes an appreciation for hardship at best or a nuisance at worst. But in any case, the fear dissipates as a player becomes accustomed to dying. Not good for horror. The threat of this virtual death must be strong. The player must be immersed enough to forget for that moment, that death is simply reloading your game. The goal of this horror is to build a game that overcomes those that do not push themselves, but rewards true struggle with a tension cycle which culminates in a series of near-death experiences.


The plan is to have something of a minimalist but moving story. There is a great focus on characterisation, as the plot outline itself is honestly quite simple. In this way a balance can be attained such that cutscenes are not so long that they bore the player, nor are they so brief or otherwise lacking as to be ineffective. Plot developments can be established in seconds, and the rest of any cutscene can be devoted to the effects of these plot developments on the characters in question.

We have the opening cutscene scripted. There will be about five major cutscenes in the game. There will be several smaller ones as well, but these will mostly be short voiceovers, as a monologue style is the idea we have, and the game's events are treated as Ned's memories.

The game opens in 1898 in rural Kerry, Ireland, with Ned in his cottage listening to a music box from his first wife. He reminisces for a moment. A few scenes later and Ned is walking in the middle of the night to an abandoned manor where he suspects his son's sneaked off to with his friends. Ned's son and friends believe it's haunted and think this would be fun. Ned explains in a voiceover he's far more worried about the revolutionaries using it as meeting/fomenting/squatting grounds (this is how we account for finding random stashes of ammunition and firearms, obviously). Then Ned sees some zombies and runs the other way, back to his wife (second wife, who in the story is revealed to be more like a friend, as he still misses his first wife and she still misses her first husband, both of whom have died), who's now missing. Ned picks up a Webley six-shooter and a knife, looks about, and leaves through the exit least populated by zombies. Play begins here.

First few minutes, you've six bullets and a knife and you're trying to survive long enough to make it to the manor. When you succeed there's the cutscene that gives the game its name, as explained in the ·TITLE· section of this description. 'Skibbereen' is played on a lone violin during this scene, which ends with Ned running into the manor to escape from an undead throng.

It becomes apparent that when it comes time to go, Ned will need to leave a different way. So your time in the manor is spent looking for your son and an exit. The manor section will consist of finding keys, solving puzzles, and dealing with enemies (see the ·ENEMIES· section below), and it will probably be half of the game or so.

Ned escapes through an underground passage to a railway station, and he goes by train to Dublin, where his older son (from his previous marriage) lives. The journey reveals that the whole country are zombies, from what Ned can see looking out the window of the train.

Now in Dublin you encounter a new enemy. There's a brief bit of gameplay outside, moving through Temple Bar and such, and we find ourselves in an old factory. We've a few story-related ideas for what causes Ned to go there, but as of now we have not decided on one.

The remainder of the game is spent in this factory. A lot of interesting stuff happens that we've glossed over so's to avoid spoiling the story.

There's an ending of course, and this is followed by an epilogue, which is presented as a recording by Ned's grandson in the 1940s, explaining some of the game's story that science in 1898 would not have facilitated.


The game plays very like old Resident Evil titles. Fixed cameras and tank controls are both present, as will be the auto-aim function as it was used in these games. Zombies will be slow and numerous, whilst ammo will be in short supply. Avoiding enemies is thus encouraged. Body-burning as in the Remake will be used in this game, though the specifics are not finalised.

Many of the new features we're including involve realistic treatment of Victorian firearms. Reloading is allowed only when away from enemies, with certain weapons. Speedloaders will be found for the handguns in the game as well. The shotgun is a weapon that reloads one shell at a time, which is fast enough to do in combat, but to refill it completely from an empty gun, you must engage the reload function five times. In combat, if you reload in the middle of your clip/magazine with other weapons, you will drop that clip on the ground to be picked up afterwards. One consideration is later in the game to have a dump pouch.

Another feature is a bleeding status. Certain enemies can smell blood. So, you'd rather not be bleeding in that case, or they may find you.

Health will be managed via a somewhat complex chemical-mixing system which is in this story a new discovery in the medical field. In the story you find that Ned survives owing to being clever and good with firearms, but more important, having a somewhat rare resistance to the virus (need to research but it could be something like a rare blood type). Things like the bleeding status are responses to physical damage, but Ned's health metre is more indicative of his resistance to the virus, though as in the real world, lower resistance will contribute to greater susceptibility to physical damage. These things will be handled by a number of different chemicals, some of which can only be got by mixing others, and the player will use a syringe to administer the medicine.

After receiving complaints about the old RE games' puzzles, it seems it would be ideal to include a puzzle difficulty level option. At the higher end it would be something like The Room or the Sherlock Holmes games. The lower difficulty would be, you know, less difficult.

Another plan is for the harder difficulty (overall difficulty, not just puzzles) to be unlockable. On this difficulty, which is by definition a second playthrough, certain things will be different in order to play on your expectations, and a hunger system will be unlocked as well. That will probably be a separate mode that can be turned on, and now we're considering making it a 'thirst' metre instead. Makes a bit more sense than finding large amounts of food in a supposedly abandoned manor, although perhaps the squatters had some brought. Things to think about.

Like Resident Evil, there will be fixed cameras, tank controls, rudimentary auto-aim, limited inventory space, limited save items that must be used in save rooms, and body-burning (as in the Remake).

Some features we've considered are oil management between body-burning and lighting dark rooms, a bit where you need to travel through a pitch-black cellar or something (no, the game will not be dark in general; we find that breaks immersion and annoys both us and Jim Sterling) infested with deadly bugs and you can only tell how close you are to them by the intensity of the music, checking bodies for information about who they were and how that can help you to survive, and having the game saves be written notes you can read in your inventory. Probably other things we're forgetting just now.


Kitchen knife. You start with this weapon. Weak but it has 'infinite ammo', so it may be useful for that. There will be an opportunity to use a grindstone somewhere in the manor, and this will slightly increase the damage it does.

Combat knife. Later in the game the player can find a combat knife, which is slightly stronger than the kitchen knife after the kitchen knife's been sharpened. The combat knife is probably able to be sharpened as well but we haven't decided.

Webley revolver. Six-shooter you start with. This gun can be reloaded in combat with a speedloader. Otherwise the chamber must be filled one bullet at a time, which probably means it'll be done only when not in combat, but as it's the starting handgun we may need to work on that.

Mauser C96. Semi-auto, holds ten-round clip/magazine (not sure which yet), may be reloaded in combat. This gun is slightly weaker than the Webley but much easier to use.

1887 Winchester shotgun. Holds five individually loaded rounds. Can be reloaded in combat, but each time the player initiates the reload function, only one bullet is placed in the gun.

Lee-Metford rifle. Ten rounds, can't be reloaded in combat. You find only the one magazine, and any other bullets you find must be combined with it outside of combat, though bullets will be very rare. This rifle is like your magnum in later games, in that it is extremely high-powered and will kill low-level enemies with one bullet.

Grenades. There is a plan to include grenades made from items the player must find. These are bottles, nails and other sharp metal bits, powder, and a makeshift fuse. They need to be lighted as well of course.

Hand mortar. Highly experimental, archaïc grenade launcher. Very powerful, with rare ammunition. Can-not be reloaded in combat. Considering adding a chance to cause the player damage (this danger is the reason grenade launchers were not adopted until the 20th century), but this may be more of a nuisance than any thing, with ammunition so rare.

Madsen light machine gun. This is a tentative consideration that may not appear in the game. It holds 25 or 40 rounds. If you have the magazines it can be reloaded in combat (3-5 second reload in real life). But we could limit the number of magazines. Though, one thought is to make it the weapon needed for the final boss, in which case we'd want to think about it a bit differently.


Zombies. These are traditional, walking zombies. Their strength is more in numbers and tight spaces than any thing else. They do moderate damage to the player and can take a fair pounding before they die, but they're overall less of a threat than some things you'll encounter. When they do die, you'll want them either beheaded or burned, because otherwise they'll lie there for a decent amount of time and then come back stronger. Similar to the idea of the crimsons in the RE Remake but not precisely the same.

Bleeders/bleeding bats. These are based on the flying foxes in Australia. They're already bats the size of people in actual real life. But in Road Fever they'll be slightly more humanoid in their lower bodies especially, giving the appearance of a man-bat. The virus decays their flesh, similar to the zombies. They're dubbed 'bleeding' bats because they drool constantly, and in many cases when a person sees them the blood of their previous meal is not totally dispersed, which causes the saliva to be coloured red. In-game there will be trails of this burgundy saliva left behind them as they roam the halls like skulking mad hunchbacked drunkard beasts.

Dobhar-chú. Mythical Irish beasts bear the same name, and it is for that particular creäture that the enemy in Road Fever is named. It is not precisely the same, but similar enough that Ned sees fit to call this monster after the one in the old stories. The design in the stories ranges from a monstrous dog-otter to a more crocodile-like form. It can bear resemblance to the Loch Ness Monster in some depictions as well. It tends to have dog-like or otter-like features, as the word 'dobhar-chú' means 'water-dog' in Irish and is a term sometimes used in the Irish language to refer to an otter. The design (and especially size) we'll use is dependent on many, many things, but one of the things we like about the legends is they say that if a dobhar-chú should be killed, it lets out an eerie whistling sound and its spouse will come to seek its killer. This gives the player the choice of attempting to evade the monster, or killing it to leave the room briefly clear to traverse. But if you're bleeding, the spouse may just follow after you by your scent...

Bunyip. The bunyip is another cryptid, and it was once presumed native to Australia. Its depicted forms are far more variable than our other cryptid, the dobhar-chú. In our game we have yet to settle on a design, but its existence in the game is a certainty.

Licker-inspired enemy. The lickers in Resident Evil 2 are among the best designed enemies in any game regarding their ability to terrify a player. Their visual design is simply a man with no flesh and no eyes, with claws and a long spear-like tongue. What's creepy is just about everything else. It breathes hoarsely as it waits for something to kill. It drools and the spit drips. It makes sounds that seem to walk a line between man and dæmon. It climbs upside down on ceilings and walls and perches there. It's blind. This makes you want to walk past it instead of running, and this draws out the fear, because if you walk too close to it or touch it it will indeed hear you. You could shoot it but they're not easy to kill, moreover without taking a hit or two yourself, or once there's more than one there, and you mayn't be able to spare all that ammo and health. It always crawls and never stands. But when it *thinks* it's heard something worth killing, it will squat, lift its head at attention, and sway like a right mental thing. If you move at-all when it's in this state, it will immediately be aware of your position and do its best to kill you, something it is very much equipped to do. In Road Fever, we can't be sure just what this enemy will look like, or what we'll do in order to design an enemy that constitutes an homage instead of a shameless and unoriginal copy, but the danger is something we are aware of and will overcome. There's been consideration of designing the bunyip to fulfil this need.

The very last thing to consider is bosses. We will certainly have them, but we have none concretely planned at the moment. We're considering the ideas of either many different bosses, or most boss fights being against a single enemy that mutates over the course of the game and follows the player. Perhaps a combination were best.


The immediate short-term goal is to produce something worthy of crowdfunding. Ideally this would be done within the next couple of months. The trouble there is some necessary roles are not filled, and to fill them we may need to rely on crowdfunding, but as I've just said, we're missing some members we need for this, and this cycle goes on. Perhaps some interest will be got here.

The first very major goal following this is to have the game complete for the PC. When to expect this done is too contingent on team-mates we haven't even met as yet. It would be logical at that time to pursue selling this on Steam.

This sort of game works best on a console, and many of our most vocal supporters are not PC gamers so far. As such, it would be fantastic to work towards getting this onto consoles as well, but PC is necessarily the priority.


Thanks for reading. We hope this has you as intrigued and excited as we are. You may not be interested or able to work on this game with us, but even leaving a link to this page anywhere it would be appreciated, would be an immense help. Cheers.

--Square Crank.


RTS, MOBA, Action

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I just happen to come across an idea of a MOBA game with WASD movement instead of point and click movement. Characters are to have no more than 2 abilities, 1 passive, and 1 ultimate( I don't know if I should allow characters to have an ultimate ) . All I need is people to help animate this idea, hopefully people like you.

My Role: I intend to be a Programmer and a Concept Artist. I am a intermediate at Ruby. I am learning Assembly and D at the moment.

Role Requirements:

Programmers- You can apply for Engine Scripter( requires knowledge of Ruby )

or a Engine Programmer ( requires knowledge of D, if you know C++, D is very similar to it )

The engine will of course be custom. Knowledge of

OpenGL API is needed to work on the Engine.

I will need 3D Artist, 2D Vector Artist, Concept Artist, and Texture Artist.

As I have no taste in Music, I would hate for the game to be in absolute silence. So composers of all types are ok.

I plan for the game to be on Windows, Linux and Mac.

Game profit is TBD. Game is to be Free to play and this includes most maps, all characters and gamemodes. This may change, but it is guranteed that atleast all characters are to be free to play.

Tiberian Dawn: The First Strike

First/Third Person Shooter

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Tiberian Dawn: The First Strike is a free, standalone, first and third-person shooter based on Westwood Studios' classic real-time strategy, Command & Conquer. Control one of the many units from the original game, and defeat your enemies in an epic base-oriented combat environment built on the beautiful Unreal Engine 4.


Dungeon-Crawler, Loot

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Artfunkel is a loot-based pseudo-dungeon-crawler, in which the players are art collectors trying to build their collection. They can then display their pieces in customizable, upgradeable galleries for other players to see. Players can find more works for their collection by buying random crates from the store, trading in an online auction house, or visiting other galleries in hopes of finding an NPC that is willing to trade, sell, or donate something from their collection. The game engines are built entirely in C++, and I'm using OpenGL to handle rendering.

Primarily I'm looking for 3D artists that could start generating more assets for the gallery spaces. Specifically, I need more gallery templates for the players to purchase, as well as furniture and other ambiance items players can use to customize their spaces.

Grimore: Awakening.

No genre

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Copy and pasted from the document.

Hello Community Forums,

I am no stranger here, but today I want to tell you a little about a game I am creating right now. First off I'll tell you about it. I was hired by WillingShade Studios to create them a prequel to their game, Grimore Vengeance.This game will be called Grimore: Awakening. We already have started the small developments of the game such as sound, concept mockup art, logo, storyline, and dialogue. We have a team of highly experienced game developers. Our team right now is:

Game Developers: Eli Ward (semi-expert programmer) ETHproductions (expert programmer) TheeSeaverShow (semi-expert programmer)

Artists: Jesse Knight

Concept Artist: Jesse Knight

Dialogue Writer: Sk3letor Bob Bob

Voice Actors: Logan Byers

Musicians: Logan Byers Marc Chait

As you may see we are very low on artists; if you can help with that part, please drop me an email or PM on the forums or comment. My email is However we also need another programmer, if you would like to join on that part, please do the same as the instructions above.

What are we looking for?

As you may see we are very low on artists. We need artists as soon as possible so if you can help us with this part of the game, that would be a huge blessing, and you will be able to get portfolio rights and be put in the credits of the game. If you can help with that part, please drop me an email or PM on the forums or comment. My email is

What's the game going to be like?

Our game is going to be a 2D story-based game, featuring platforming and combat elements. When finished, it will take an hour to an hour and a half to beat. Due to the violence involved, it will be rated T for Teen.

What's the game about?

You are the leader of the Templars, and you are following a decree that forces the magical animals of the forests (demons, skeletons, undead, dragons) to be killed. You have to go through nine terrains killing the animals, and finish the project under a time limit. Every time you die, you will spawn back with a goblin beside you saying a dialogue such as, "You're back already? I thought it would be longer than that." There will be an XP system, therefore every time you kill a vicious magical enemy you will be rewarded a certain amount of XP to become a higher rank, but watch out for your hunger and water bar, if it falls to low, you will start to lose health rapidly and after some time you will die.

Are you going to make this game very unique and special?

Yes! We have a sound artist that has made over 120+ sounds for the game, and we got so detailed that we even did sounds like torch lit, and water dropping. We made sounds for when you slash you sword, to make you feel like you are actually in the game and put you on the battlefield yourself.

What is finished on the game so far?


I have attached a few of the SFX sounds, voice dialogue, footsteps, and ambiences. Also attached is the first prototype for the game, as you can see it is very low in development, but has some nice effects to it such as running-hold X, walking- hold or press the left or right keys, and jumping- press Z.


Music- (This song is a cut version of the full song. It’s just a little taste of what it will sound like)


Place : Unknown Object : Finding village

Player: mmh hmm?..

* waking up noises *

Whata heck happened?

stands up * Where are my troops? Hello? Anyone here? * quick rasp *

Above we have included a small section of the dialogue to show you a quick glance of what it is like.


Voice Dialogue-



Will there be boss fights?

Correct, we will have a few boss fights, where you will need to use your resources to kill and defeat the magical beast. Many bosses will laugh at you during the fight, and will think you are nothing more than trash, whereas if you are good enough, you will prove him wrong and kill him

IndieGoGo Project-

Here I have attached the IndieGoGo project for the full game Grimore: Vengeance ( ), as you can see it’s only been up for a few days and has earned a good little amount of money.

When is the game's deadline?

The game's deadline is eight months from now, due to very large game with spectacular gameplay. We need more artists to help out with the project. We would love to see you help on this project.

Are you being sponsored?

We are sponsored by a group called BlackShell Media. Their team has promoted many popular TV shows and Steam games, including Overture and Sanctuary RPG Black Edition, on sites such as ABC News, Yahoo News, and PC Gamer. \

How can you join this project?

Without our fans and continuous viewers of the game this would not be possible, but for this game to actually take place we need a team of well-trained game designers, programmers, artists, storyline writers, dialogue writer, etc. At this time in the project we have a good sized team of around ten people, but we cannot stop there. We are continuously striving to get move artists. We are set in almost every other part of the team except the following jobs, artists and musicians. Without art the game is nothing, that’s why we need good vector artists or non-pixel artists to join and help out with their part. If you can help with this, then please read the Support section of this document below!

Would you like to know more about the game or help support?

If this is true, you can add me on Skype: EliteGamesIndustries, send me an email:, comment on this post, send me a PM on the forums if you are interested in helping with the named jobs available above then follow the following way to contact us above. I look forward to hearing from you! Thanks in advance for reading this and I am excited about this project, and hope you are also.

Captain - Eli Ward Co-Captain - ETHproductions

2D Tower Defense game

Tower Defense

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I'm building a tower defense game.

The code is already completed and i'm looking for a great artist to put his style and makes something different.

You will have no limit, you will be able to unleash your creativity.

You will be invited into the Google Play and Apple developer account and will be paid with the revenue the game generate.

Debute of Based Entertainment Studios

No genre

View project

contact by PM or email:

We are also looking for more positions; check the website:

2D Production Artist

Marketing Assistant

Puzzle/Game Designer

We are working on two projects. Project 1 is planned to be released for free alongside a kickstarter. We are purchasing Unity at that time and beginning payment of team members. Anyone who works now will be paid quite well and will receive lifetime payments from project 2’s sales. I am confident our kickstarter will succeed. If you join after the kickstarter we will only do per-job payments for non-creative work.

Project 1 is a point and click adventure. It uses a single unique game mechanic and is comprised of about 50 screens, 15 characters, and 1-4 hours of gameplay. We will have the design finalized by the 20th of this month. Please contact me if you want to know more.

Project 2 is a large 30-50 hour turn based RPG that has an emphasis on other types of game play instead of fighting. The battle system is more like a puzzle system that gets applied to almost anything. This system has many real-time, skill based elements, and non-turn-based combat plays a large part in the game as well. Project 2 is more developed than project 1, but that is a necessity due to the size and scope of project 2.

Project 2 will have online PvP with only one character to make balancing easy on us developers. The next two characters are going to be released as DLC with other large additions to the game. In addition we have very large sub-games that add the extra 20 hours to the 30 hour RPG. The game is designed to be a challenge to speed runners but still enjoyable for all gamers, and even non-gamers, for the first 10 hours of gameplay. After that the difficulty rapidly increases. The extra sub-game content is always available, but the last 20 hours of the RPG are somewhat inaccessible for non-hardcore gamers.

Project 1 has already started.

Coding for project 2 begins in November. All deadlines are tentative, but we haven't had any need to change them yet.

Thanks for reading. Good luck to all those who are looking for per-job payment. We can't employ you until Feb 2016, but I wish you all the best.

Tycoon Game

No genre

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Hi all,

I'm thinking about creating a tycoon game, I have a few idea's but I was hoping that it would be a team decision in which people would pitch idea's and we choose together.

I think it will be fun to get a team together, with people of all skill levels. This would be good for both beginners and experts, as beginners would be learning from the more advanced team members and the experienced members would hopefully learn something too.

I'm not proposing a complete production ready game, nor am I requesting people to work on this full time. Work on it as you have free time, or for a bit of fun, either way I don't mind :)

I am a programmer and we have space for all individuals, whether that be a designer, artist, programmer, sound engineer etc.


thanks for reading :)

There are currently no comments, add yours!

contact me:

Blobbies Adventure

3D 3rd Person Platformer

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The game is built using Unity for the IOS

Blobbies adventure will feature simple platforming mechanics similar to those seen in Mario 64 and Banjo Kazooie, only simplified for a mobile space. The player will be jumping and rolling by tapping and swiping the touch screen. They will be collecting objects through out the environment that are important to progression in game play. The game will feature only one level atm, which is very small, but the game is focused around vertical movement. The player will be performing massive jumps and landing on coins which will give the feel of a 2D coin jumper.

Much of the game is finished already but I have lost my main programmer. Im in search for a new programmer and possibly an artist to help.

The Incomplete Quest

No genre

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"'The Incomplete Quest' is a side-scrolling adventure game (I think) with some unintentional puzzles and a lot of bugs."

DevBlog -

Swords Arena Project

Multiplayer Fight

View project

1st Draft Demo of the game !


The game is only a 1 Map Roma Arena style very well designed and details.

It's a 1 vs 1 Player combat tournament in third person view.

Only one class,skill,character style will be available.

Each player will have a 2 hand melee sword (or sword and shield is to discuss about it)

The combat is face to face like Zelda U64 style. (Make the character realistic or toony is one of the subects to discuss)

It's possible to parry, hit in different directions, kick hit with low damage but push back oponement, flip back left right, special attack and combo.

It's a multiplayer game so it will have some lobbies with different categories, novice, expert, etc...

The other players will be added in queue and can watch the combat a bit like counter strike style,

they sit in the spectator arena seats and here a great idear come with but i'll tell you when you will be a team mate.

When a player loose, a waiting player remplace him and all will be ranked with statistics and so on, even on web platform if possible.

Off course more maps,class,skills,weapons,characters,bonus items,options, etc... can be added much later,

but 1st thing 1st... Make it simple we can maybe sell add on or we can discuss this point later.


Innovative GamePlay.

Innovative Character controls.

Tense atmosphere.


Third person view point.

Oculus Rift support. (if it's possible)

Multi platform (if it's possible)

Great details.

Blood or non blood option.

Epic Music.


Very Need:

3D Character designer and animator

Very Need:

Programmer Network oriented to make interface with UE4 and Web and other features.


Other talents, feel free to ask then we talk about it.

More informations and contact :

Safari Frenzi [REV Share]

No genre

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Safari Frenzi is a tapping game were you have to keep your elephants safe from lions. The game is a for-profit project but also looks to raise money for the African elephants through The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. We have a full design document you can read if youre interested!

Apocalypse Neighbors


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APOCALYPSE NEIGHBORS is a 2D game with turn-based artillery shooting, inspired by the dueling fun of Worms and the addictive physics of Angry Birds.

The game is already out on the App Store, but we still need to port to Android and create the multiplayer. We can't work with the previous contractors as they were far too expensive and have drained our resources.

We also need help with marketing.

Fling a variety of wacky over-sized ammo at your evil neighbors using catapults and cannons mounted on your house! Destroy the demonic objects in the evil houses and free Murica from evil. Protect the holy relics stashed in your house by building and adding defenses. Play with dozens of characters each with unique ammo and earn points to spend on upgrades and wacky special attacks and ammo. Progress through hundreds of increasingly difficult levels, 251 total levels!


- Large Campaign map – 251 levels!

- Physics based artillery dueling – take pleasure in watching enemy houses collapse after a great shot.

- 24 comedic characters each with their own crazy ammo and punchlines

- Dozens of wacky special ammo and crazy special attacks

- Build mad houses, sky's the limit what will you build?

- 2D cartoon anime look – colorful graphics and each level background is unique

- Easy controls – Graphical touch screen interface, drag drop controls for action

- 36 achievements – some very hard to get!

- Replay levels with different characters and unlock all the secrets

Two Week Rapid Prototypes


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The purpose of this session is to experiment and playtest. We’re looking for people who are dedicated and are willing to work hard. As such, participation is voluntary. Participation is determined every two weeks at the beginning of the game selection. If you would like to opt out, let us know and we will understand. Otherwise, you’re committed to whatever game is chosen. We’re all adults here. No need to be a child and be grumpy when your game is not chosen.

With that said, anyone in the group can pitch an idea, in fact, it is welcomed! Any and all ideas are welcome. During each meeting we will look through the design documents and the person who created the idea will pitch the idea to everyone in the meeting. At the end of the meeting, we will hold a vote on which idea will be created. From there, we will build the game over two weeks and see where we are then!

Read here for a more extensive description :

Brandi: Summer Adventure


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Brandi: Summer Adventure is a little difficult to explain.

The idea came to me after watching JonTron for a while. He was playing B___ie games from the past and showing how the games themselves were pure garbage simply created to compliment the toys (with accidental comedic effect).

The idea is to create a realistic imitation of a "girl game" with makeup and dressup and positivity and healthy lifestyle choices with a sinister twist.

Brandi walks a line between her perceived reality and the holes in her world. She is the latest addition to the Brandi line and at any point the black hole could consume it all in an instant. No one can help her, she is alone against a mysterious figure that hunts her and her friends through rifts in time/space as she slowly uncovers the truth about her world and the stability of their idyllic lifestyle.

I am looking specifically for artists and animators as well as a writer for dialog and object text. I can provide some payment, though not much. Not sure how big this project will be in the end, I do intend to sell it at some point and percentages of the revenue can be divided amongst those involved.

Questions/Comments/Requests? Email me at

Monk vs Ninjas

2d Platformer

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Untitled Police RTS

Realistic-Near Future-City

View project


An asymmetrical, multiplayer real-time strategy game in which one player commands the police in an effort to thwart crime and the other tries to establish a ruthless criminal empire.​


The Criminals must be deceitful, blend in with the public, and drive inconspicuous vehicles to terrorize the city without being caught by the Police. They can increase their cash flow and reduce the Police’s public support by robbing banks and stores and dealing drugs. The Criminal HQ starts at a random location within the city and can be moved later on to prevent detection. Want to relocate near the Police HQ? No problem; just make sure the Police don’t find out! As the game progresses, the Criminals gain access to a variety of specialized vehicles that allow them to crush anyone who gets in their way.

The Police’s main goal is to locate the Criminal HQ. In the process, they must counter as many crimes as they possibly can, including robberies, shootings, and drug deals. Successfully stopping crimes and apprehending criminals will help gain public support; however, if they fail to do so, their public support will diminish. As Criminal activity increases, the Police gain access to advanced units like armored vehicles and SWAT teams. Deploying SWAT in public areas reduces public support and therefore must be considered carefully before use. The Police also have access to Undercover Cops, which provide tactical information about the Criminals’ hideouts and gangs.​


A long time friend of mine, Chubzdoomer, and I have been developing this concept for a little while now. As neither of us possesses intricate knowledge of every aspect of game development, we are relying on the community to assist us in this endeavor.

--Using Unity

Yobi : The Dream

Mobile adventure puzzle game

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Yobi Team is working on a 2D mobile game called Yobi : The Dream, an adventure puzzle game suitable for all ages, The player have to flick a monster and eat candies to Help the monster reach his dream : dicovering what's beyond his planet : The Universe !

We try to provide awesome levels with unique contents, we make sure that everything in the game is designed to be truely unique and original, we hate game clones and that's why we try to do our best to shine among other big games, We are looking for a talented game dev, that share this vision with us , someone who can work for at least 10 hours a week .

We also have a gameplay trailer :

Please if you are interested contact us here :

Note : This offer is a revshare one !

Project Torchman


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More on the castlevania side of metroidvania set in the wild west. I've been doing all of the coding and art/animation, but I'm looking for someone to take the reigns for the art because my work is not of professional quality. I have concept sketches, and an idea for where I want this to go, but I'm also looking for someone to help me flesh out those ideas and brainstorm. I'm not married to one particular art style, so all is welcome. I'm also looking for a sound designer/musician to do the music/sound effects.



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This project is aimed at developing an adventure/puzzle game much like the old point and click games. Examples of this would be Myst and Riven. Except this project will be using all the technologies we have today. That means it will be in 3D and first person, unlike the still images that were used back then. The game is being developed in Unity 3D.

The game is set on a couple of uninhabited and uncharted islands that broke off from a mythical island called Atlantis during the earthquakes. You play as a person who was shipwrecked on the island and has to find a way off. During your stay on the island you discover that it was recently inhabited in the 70's by a big science initiative, while it seems like they disappeared they left many things behind. The story is a lot more complex, you will learn more about it if you join the team.

The gameplay will be about exploring the islands and solving puzzles like gathering objects to complete contraptions, which in turn open up new places you can explore. For instance, activating complex mechanisms to power some transportation vehicles. Your goal will be to get back to civilization but you discover that it's not that easy.

Garden Getaway


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Here is our game project GARDEN GETAWAY (I'n very early stages of design), I'm currently working on preliminary designs and looking for others to collaborate with. Here is a concept sketch for the start up screen, a mock up of the game play and a concept of the game over screen.

Synopsis: A cheeky bird flies into an old ladies garden and steals all the bird seed and gets so rather fat. The bird must escape before he meets his end, at the hands of the angry old lady or the rather hungry cats.

Game features:

1. Numerous levels (Garden/warehouse....)

2. Upgrades (Jetpacks, gliders and weapons. Purchased through points in store)

3. In app purchases

4. Amusing props (Funny Billboards and other background props)

For Game updates have a look at the Toon Shack Studios Facebook page

*All illustrations within these images/gameplay are still extremely rough and are not representative of the final standard; some are not even coloured.

Welcome to Grizzly Bay


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This is both our first title in the series and our initial original title. This is the introduction to the world that is Grizzly Bay. This is a game of discovery and self- acceptance, while finding your place in the world.

It is a mix of elements from Minecraft, the Sims, and an RPG. With nods to titles like Animal Crossing.

It is being developed in unity with the following Unity Store Assets:

Love/Hate - emotion based relationship system

proBuilder 2 - to do in-game structure building.

ORK framework - RPG system framework

The game itself is a blend of player/event driven story guided by the narrative. You'll be able to develop various levels of relationships among the NPCs which will be dynamic. You'll be able to design and build your own cabin or choose a pre-built from a selection.

New Kind of Adventure


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No genre

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Project P0

Strategy RPG

View project

Codename P0

• HTML5 Canvas Strategy Role-playing Game

• Gameplay and art direction is similar to games like Fire Emblem, FFTA, and Tactics Ogre

• Places large emphasis on character development and story-guided missions

• Can compensate for work

FPS Platformer -WIP

FPS Platformer

View project

Game is a 1st/3rd Person Platformer.

The game is being developed in Unreal Engine 4, so far I'm getting around all the key character mechanics, making them as fluid as possible.


Game usp's include: Sci-fi platform shooter with some Tron visual

Level USP’s include

stamina sprint, dash, double jump,

Platforms [Destructible/movable], Enemy turrets,

Puzzle Elements [door combinations, platform combinations]. Just to name a few.

*Brief intro to level 1:

Level 1, after INTRO level, will start as A set of box type structures. Some can be traversed with single jump, some can be climbed. Others can only be accessed later when charge jump is achieved. At the end a keypad must be entered in order to get to the next section.

Once at the top, a section of platforms takes you to the next part, like a bridge way, with platforms that are destructible so care must be taken when getting across.

At the end of this section have a laser security door with camera which will slam shut if player is detected. If not the player can pass, if player is detected then a swarm of enemies must be defeated, 1 will provide the means to gain access to the first door, which will give the player access to the next level, which one is up to the player to find!

As you can see there are many elements to this game to keep any FPS enthusiast keen to explore the whole game.

So if you are interested in learning more, and lending a helping hand, drop me a line and let make this happen, sooner rather than later.

There are a few key features I want to implement to the character, so first and foremost I am in desperate need of a Programmer for the game mechanics and especially for the AI.

I've attached some images of the layout of the intro level Im using to test the gameplay mechanics.


2D Space RTS/Sandbox/Roguelike

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Survive in the shifting sprawls of A.I. controlled interstellar space where chaos and adventure run rampant. It's here you'll chart the depths of unknown quadrants, discover lost secrets, and forge the ever-searching platform of humanity's last hope.

Sol-Ark is a 2D Space RTS with sandbox and rougue-like components. Expect gameplay mechanics designed with player choice in mind and an immense universe to make those decisions in. Missions and storylines drift from seriously somber to hilariously violent with every new area explored, and random events punctuate these encounters to make a dynamic experience that's part procedural, part handcrafted indie space.

Sol-Ark official website -

Sol-Ark's page on IndieDB -

Sol-Ark's blog with devlogs -

Temple of Cerberus


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Let's just say this is the love child of Doom, Hotline Miami and Binding of Isaac. If you want to try the Prototype just drop me a line.

Rubber & Lead


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Rubber & Lead is an homage to AutoDuel and other vehicle combat games.

It features top down 2D vehicle combat, that I am blending with RPG elements.

you can play the current build at

dev comments on each build at

Right now it is me and an artist working on it, many features are still being worked on. I could use some help with sound/music, and social media/promotion.

Lineage of Blood

Tactical RPG

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An RPG with unique companions and turn-based combat that takes place on isometric hex-grid battlefields. A rich fantasy world with relatively modern technology coexisting with magic.

* Game is still relatively early in development, currently there is little to show.

Currently being developed with the Godot Engine.



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First of all, this is a hobby project, so I'm sorry that I can't offer you salary or guaranteed publishing/greenlighting.

Imitheos is a 2D top-down RPG with a fantasy setting.

It took a lot of inspiration from the Souls series and tries to focus on the same points, a small number of memorable NPCs each with their own story, a background story told in bits and pieces and a challenging gameplay that doesn't hold your hand.

You can download the alpha here:

Burden Of Command

Tactical RPG

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Burden Of Command [name WIP] is a tactical RPG allowing you to dispatch units under your control to fight enemies and conquer fortresses. Build friendships among the allies you find along the way.

However, you must be careful how your units are dispatched; your friends may die in battle because of your careless mistakes.

Noir as Love


View project

A game about love and how it feels like an endless circle.

iOS and Android.

Manky Ran


View project

iOS/Android action runner game Manky Ran!

PC version might follow.

Portal: Outside Influence

First-Person Puzzler

View project

A resistance fighter. A part-time employee. A squad of Combine Soldiers. A chase gone wrong.

Explore a post-GLaDOS Enrichment Centre, from the surface to it's murky depths. As Arin Spencer, together with Second Technician Jenn Wells, uncover a cavalcade of new environments, puzzle elements, tests and hazards, all while preventing the Combine from phoning home about what they've found down there. Remember, a lot of people are counting on you.


Outside Influence is a mod for the original Portal; a new story set within the shared Half-Life/Portal universe, with new testing elements, environments and music. Contains additional features, such as fully voiced audio logs that tell the stories of those who worked at Aperture Science in its last days, a togglable hint system and a zoom scope a la Portal 2.

Turnstile Football

Turn based sports strategy

View project

Turnstile Football is a turn based strategy game based on the beautiful game of football!

There is already a playable version available at but we want to push ahead and make it bigger and better!

I'm currently looking for a sound engineer, let me know if you have some spare time.

The amazing brick

No genre

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Landflix Odyssey

No genre

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Landflix Odissey is a 2D platformer that ranges from classical to other typical run and gun and metroidvania gameplay types, in a delightful retro style pixel art. Play as Larry, a big lazy boy TV series watcher, who ends up in a dimension based on his favourite Landflix's shows (a video-on-demand parody). Make him travel through many environments to gather new powers, while helping the TV series characters defeating an evil genius who is trying to conquer their world. Help him gather blueprints for his scientist relative, “Uncle Doc”, to power up his own skills and win the battle.

Aleron's Lie

No genre

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No genre

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Die Young

No genre

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No genre

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N.E.R.O.: Nothing Ever Remains Obscure

No genre

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No genre

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The Last Hope

No genre

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You are a scientist who was working on the development of a time machine. When the experiment began, a wormhole was formed and mankind and most of wildlife disappeared. Now you are humanity's last hope because you the last man alive. Your mission is to find the time machine .Therefore you will have to explore Russia, Germany, Norway, Egypt, U.S. ,Mars and Moon. Use portals because these can teleport you in differents ages from the Age of the Dinosaurs to our Era. But a problem that you will face is to survive. You will have to find resources like fish, fruits, beer , vodka, water because these will help you to stay alive. Also transport like cars, boats, airplanes and rockets will help you to travel faster. Save the mankind and became it's president!

Key features:

• Travel through different Eras of time;

• Find resources like fruits,fish,beer,water and more that will help you to stay alive;

• Explore countries like Germany,Russia,US,Norway,Egypt,United Kingdom;

• Travel with the rocket through space especially on Moon and Mars;

• Be pilot,driver or sailor;

• Face different kinds of creatures;

• Save the mankind and become its president.

• Beautiful soundtrack(each country include up to 6 music specify to that country)

The Steamers

No genre

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The Steamers is set during the Renaissance Punk era of a steam rich world in a solar system far away.

Through a series of very affordable 3 to 4 hours long episodes, players will explore the world of Esporia and live the many events that shaped its history.

Each scenario will focus on the story of specific characters as they wade through the coups, invasions and political intrigues that mar the Republic of Esporia. Those characters will have very different backgrounds and will allow for many different gameplay experiences. Expect to command large scale armies in open battles, manage a small band of thieves as a guild Master or navigate large airships in sky battles...

The game will allow players to command their troops from a bird's eye view in typical real time strategy fashion; while also making it possible for them to jump right into the skin of their character and tip the scale during an enemy encouter.

Tactics and planning are of prime importance and commanders will have to learn how to use and support their squads through the use of cover and special abilities. Rushing headfirst and alone into combat will only result in disaster!

Strategic locations such as hospitals, villages or heavy weapon emplacements will also provide added strategic depth. Tactically minded players will use them to choke their opponents, access special units or upgrade their defences.

Vehicles will be available for commandeering and players can expect to fly in Da Vinci's inspired gliders and Airships, assault castles and forts in steam powered tanks or even ride ostrich as light cavalry support.

The Steamers is aiming to be a franchise that never stops to grow, each episode will introduce fresh gameplay elements that will build upon each other and enrich the Esporian world and how the players interact with it.

The adventures of Estimka

No genre

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Binary Sparks

No genre

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No genre

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Overland Blast

No genre

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Overland Blast is an iOS-only (SpriteKit) 2.5D, arcade-style action defense game.

Rolling Orange

No genre

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Luna Dark Games are proud to present our first release; Rolling Orange.

Rolling Orange is a rolling ball arcade game OUT NOW for Android. The Orange is rolling, you can't stop it, all you can do is try and control where the Orange goes steering it safely to the end of level.

Avoid obstacles and enemies, pass through rings and collect stars to get the highest score possible and unlock new levels.

Roll your Orange through 3 different and challenging chapters in this easy to learn but hard to master arcade classic.

For all press enquiries & promo codes please visit:

Toontown Stride

No genre

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Please delete this account.

No genre

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Press all the buttons

No genre

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Press all the buttons to win. Each button has it's own cooldown. Find the correct order to have all buttons pressed at the same time.


No genre

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My Very First Game: Venom

2D Action Game

View project

My very first attempt at a game. Features Venom from Spiderman using borrowed sprites from old games. It was made on gamemaker and is very clunky and some of the super moves are overpowered. However, the two bosses are good and some of the regular enemies have some interesting design that I would iterate on when making "A Warrior's Prologue". Sorry for the awful backgrounds.

A Warrior's Prologue

2D Action Game

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Inspired by Devil May Cry 3, Castlevania and a few others this game delivers some action packed stylistic combat. It features grappling hook based movement allowing freedom unprecedented in other games in the genre. Unfortunately however, it was developed with Microsoft XNA and Silverlight, which fails to run and install on many computers so development was halted to pursue Unity development. If demanded the game might be remade on Unity. The game is playable free at and features several levels, enemies, an NPC partner,and two boss fights although development was halted before the learning curve could be smoothed out.


Infinite Runner

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An infinite runner where the goal is to reach a certain speed by avoiding, bouncing, and pulling off of objects. The game is being developed by me alone and so is very precise in what it is delivering, no superfluous features, only smooth concise gameplay. The story is a strange journey through a dream like self-prescribed afterlife and is quite unique.

Release: February 2016

Music is done by Structural Fault.


No genre

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Ad Liberum

RTS Strategy Game

View project or more info at

Sarah in CandyLand

A fun platform game

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Don't Hit Blocks!

No genre

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Square Space

Want to compete again your friends, country and world in a fast-paced exciting game? Challenge your friends, your country and the world! Compete against everyone to see who goes farther! Avoid hitting the squares and drive your ship to the infinity! Be the best of the world!

View project

Want to compete again your friends, country and world in a fast-paced exciting game?

Challenge your friends, your country and the world!

Compete against everyone to see who goes farther!

Avoid hitting the squares and drive your ship to the infinity!

Be the best of the world!

Time Of Dragons

No genre

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Zombie Ops Online

View project

A Multiplayer First Person Shooter with 5 game modes: Survival MMO, Team Deathmatch, Capture The Point and Co-op Mission and Battle Royale game modes.

Experience a unique Mobile Shooter in 40 Player Game Servers.

Organize your team with 8 Player Voice Chat.

Group up with your friends in Clans or join one of the existing 13,324 clans.

Create a custom map with the Map Builder or play on 2,141 User Created maps.

Brain Freeze

No genre

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Lord Of Decay


View project

Lord Of Decay is a fantasy RPG video game for PC being developed by SandboxD7 that allows players to command an undead army and wield dark magic.


Break it and remake it.

View project

You are destined to save humanity, or die trying.

A game original created to,make a revenue stream to pay for full time engine developers for the bge.

Game feature many new mechanics like in game building of robotics , vehicles, and puzzle solitions.

A mix of many new ideas, as well as old classics.

Monster Game WIP

No genre

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Imagine a monster movie (the B quality kind), combined with Pokemon. The majority of the game we are taking very seriously. However, we really want to capture that horrible B movie feel during combat. This will be done with ridiculous animations as seen in the photos areas. We've got a pretty solid design doc going ,but we're not looking to spoil all the details :).


No genre

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Cave In: Left Behind

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Cave In is a story-driven science fiction puzzle adventure game in development by Nitrous Butterfly. As Felicia Knight you stumble upon an old abandoned underground facility while out on a hike. As you push further into the facility discover what became of the inhabitants and uncover an ancient secret.

The Great Gaias

No genre

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No genre

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No genre

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No genre

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The Space Marines were pretty clever. With their advanced science, they simply beamed their dead off the battlefield to be recycled into another wave of soldiers. A gruesome and morally questionable mechanism of war, but one that led them to unstoppable success against any threat.

The enemy Xenomorphs would prove to be quite a different story. Wild, violent, but spectacularly intelligent, the alien creatures found they could simply nest inside their attacker's chests. This allowed them to follow the dead soldier as they're recycled into new, fresh men... behind enemy lines! Luckily, this cunning tactic was discovered early on.

That's where you come in...


Arcade Shooter

View project

Bucking the theme for Ludum Dare 31, I wanted to create a tank battle game inspired by the original 'Battle Zone' arcade game. It started out that way, and got...christmassy early on. You're a tank in a pit of abandoned Christmas junk! Are those rocks? Are they coal? It doesn't matter: everyone is naughty in the pit. And the Snowmen are about to judge you harder than an anonymous teenager on the internet.

Alptraum (Nightmare)


View project

Download the game at:

Alptraum: An exploration game of cat-and-mouse.

You play as an audacious explorer, seeking out valuable ancient artifacts scattered across neighboring islands. However, a fierce guardian of the islands, Alptraum, does not take kindly to your raiding and is determined to impale you with his stinger.

Can you collect all the artifacts and escape Alptraum's wraith?

After two and a half weeks of work and some sleepless nights I finished Alptraum. While I've done some small games in the past, this is my first big 3d project. I wanted the game to have a distinct look and a feel as well as a unique antagonist.


Escape from the clutches of an angry monster who's rage grows stronger with every artifact you take.

5 islands to explore

Collect artifacts

Custom 3d models

4 Small in-game cut-scenes

An atmospheric 24 minute soundtrack

Game Guru was the engine I developed the game on. All assets (Art, levels, the monster, 3d models, and music) are created by me, with the exception of some foliage, ruins, and a bridge that are stock models and come with Game Guru. I modified these models to match the game environment

Update Aug 6:

Thankfully I had some time to make some fixes before the deadline

-Removed motion blur from the game

-Changed the number of lives from 3 to 6.

-Removed fall damage .

-Fixed some texture glitches in high mode

-Fixed small fixes to the second island

If the game runs choppy on your computer, you can speed up performence by changing the graphics settings to low or medium (press ESC during the game, select 'graphics settings')

Minimum System Requirements:

OS: XP, Vista, 7, 8

Processor: Intel Dual-Core 2GHz or AMD Dual-Core 2GHz

Memory: 2 GB RAM

Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 400 series or AMD Radeon HD 6000 series, 1GB Video Card (Minimum Shader Model 2.0) Integrated graphics cards are very slow.

DirectX: Version 9.0c

Hard Drive: 400 MB available space

Sound Card: DirectX Compatible Sound Card with latest drivers

Gravity Box

No genre

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NotePad Trading Game

Note Pad Games

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Foreign currency exchange app

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This app uses as database and highly communicate with it.

Stay connected to the Forex market from anywhere with regular updates about major currency pairs. Traders at all levels will benefit from Forex news, professional technical and fundamental analysis, and free Forex signals.

Bubble Trouble 2D

No genre

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Toby: The Secret Mine

Puzzle platformer

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A story-driven puzzle platform adventure made by one man, straight from the heart, as his indie game debut.

A peaceful way of life in a small village in the mountains was thrown into disorder. Someone has kidnapped most of it’s residents. A couple of brave hearts tried to rescue their friends but none of them has returned. Little Toby didn’t want to just sit and wait so he decided to find them by himself. He went to the near deep forest but he soon realized this is just a beginning.

Go with Toby on an eerie adventure in a dark and creepy world full of dangerous situations, enemies and challenging puzzles in this game made as tribute to masterpieces like Limbo, Nihilumbra or Type:Rider.

Get lost in the shadows and pray you find your way out.

The game is currently in progress. Available in Q3 2015.

The Last Time - demo

No genre

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Check out the demo for The Last Time, an indie adventure game I'm working on.

Please find the demo link on the Kickstarter page, as well as a trailer and more info:

Trinket Trick

No genre

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Shoot 'em Down

To the ground!

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This game is a non-profit parody of the NES universe and any representation of existing characters, games and companies is meant purely for parody and tribute to that which is probably the best age in video game history.

In SeD you take the role of Ike Hill, a retired war veteran who served in more than 20 missions, and is a foul-mouthed cold-blooded gun nut.

After the announcement that Nocando would release a console after the Nocando Entertainment System, everyone rejoiced, except Mario. Mario was pissed, because with this new console the company wanted to end all the old franchises. Mario then gathers an army of his own and engages in terrorist acts. Ike's mission is to find and kill Mario. But can he do it? and what is Mario's motive? Who is behind all this?

Imposible Ships

No genre

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Project Quid


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A magnet-themed sliding puzzle game. The player can swipe in one of four directions to magnetically roll a metal ball across the stage, but the catch is you can't move the ball again until it's come to a stop. Each level is a short collection of blocks that the player must navigate the metal ball through to reach a goal tile. The puzzles start out simple but the game quickly and steadily introduces obstacles that change the ball's trajectory, moving tiles that slide when the ball hits them, mechanisms that change the layout of blocks in the level, and much more.

Play Store link:

iTunes link coming soon!

The game is very near finished and is currently available on Google Play, but its currently under a revamp in both graphics and sound effects. Check out our progress by following us on twitter ( or liking the Facebook page (

Zombie Pox

No genre

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Beat Team

Beat 'em up

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The game is a plaformer beat 'em up in which you can play wih 4 friends. The story mode currently has four campaign scenarios that tangentially relate to each other, each featuring it's own set of characters, levels and stories.


No genre

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Dark Recon


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Dark Recon is an action-puzzle game in 3rd person based in a futuristic dystopian environment.

The Purge


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Ever seen the purge? If you haven't, it's a movie where on a specific day, the government sanctions all crimes, including murder. Recently I watched the movie again, and I had an idea, what if someone created a game about the purge? You could go around breaking into people's houses and killing people. Of course, you could also design your own house and see how it tests to other purgers.

Wolf-Pack Battalion

No genre

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Untitled Hex Strategy Game

Tactical RPG

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Just entering the Concept Stage

Super Robot Jump Jump

No genre

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A platformer about a Robot.

Reikon Dungeon


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Reikon Dungeon is a rouguelike dungeon crawler, with real time action, where the player has to explore infinite dungeons and hunt down deadly monsters.

Each death is permanent, but the player will be able to reincarnate in one of the monsters or the other, discovering always new combinations of skills and creatures.



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Cats & Rats


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Hey, we're making this game. Well it's already out on google play store.

What we're looking for is an Artist/Designer to join up forces with, could be improving this game. Could be working on a new game...

Nowhere Prophet

No genre

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Song of Horror

Survival Horror

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The Game:

Song of Horror is an old school inspired, third person survival horror, evocative of the eternal fear of what cannot be understood. Take control of up to 16 characters who have been dragged, throughout time, into a story for which they are not prepared.

The game is being made for PC/Mac currently, but we aim to reach as many platforms as we can reasonably reach.

The Beginning

It’s an ordinary Friday in the life of Daniel Noyer, washed-up advertiser and former entrepreneur who has fallen on hard times lately. Currently the lowest of the low at a publishing house, you receive an urgent, yet seemingly straightforward assignment: to find the company’s most important client, the renowned writer Sebastian P. Husher, who hasn’t been heard from in weeks.

Upon your arrival at Husher’s mansion, you realize something’s wrong. The lights, still turned off at the onset of nightfall, reveal that no one is home. The dog, warned about at the entrance, is nowhere to be found. The main door, left ajar, hints at a hallway drowned in shadows.

And an eerie, haunting melody, pierces a thundering silence.

The Features

-A Thrilling, Movie-Like Experience

Join Daniel in a spine-chilling tale of horrors. Unravel a dreadful mystery of deep, unknown roots, a mystery threatening to destroy him.

-Automated Cinematic Cameras

The use of automated mobile cameras along with a collection of unsettling music themes ensure that the tension remains constant and relentless.

-16 Playable Characters

Control Daniel as well as several other men and women, both acquaintances and strangers. They will explore an array of locations, designed by actual architects, solving riddles while avoiding an untimely end. How far will each of them go? Who will continue their tale alongside Daniel? That is up to you.

-Normal, Everyday People

No heroes, no supermen, no superwomen. Real-life, ordinary folks. From the advertiser to the sales director, from the alarms technician to the doctor and the shop clerk. None of them can make it on their own.

-Careful Exploration

The devil’s in the details, or so they say. Each clue might have a meaning; every observation can be crucial. There is no prize for first arrival at the end line; the prize is to arrive at all.

-Life is Fleeting

There is no health nor sanity bar. The only thing that matters is: can you continue? If you crumble midway, will the next character make it?

-Death Has Many Doors

There are no combats, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to fight. There are no enemies, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t being hunted. There are no defenses, and yes, that does mean you must run, hide, and do whatever it takes to survive.

Beneath The Banana Moon


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You are the Exiled, once of the Banana Moon but sent Down Below for the ultimate heresy. Vowing to return at all costs, you set on a journey across the many Realms, discovering more about your former home...

Fair Winds

No genre

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The Mountain: Memories of Guilt

First Person Horror Game

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The Mountain: Memories of Guilt is our current WIP title and is expected finished in late 2015/early 2016. It's a first person horror game, developed using the Unreal Engine 4.

The Mountain is a 3D First Person Horror Game set in an alternate reality of the past. In a time where technology evolved faster than culture and never really left the 40's. You are the mountain climber, Thomas who has set out to take on the Himalayas but this journey comes to a halt as you fall down through the glacier snow and into an old mine shaft. Why is it there? Who was there before you? And most important of all...why did they all disappear..?


Game engine

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Castle Crossing

No genre

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Fantasy Shift


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Fantasy Shift is an arcade platform game with retro gameplay and graphics. It was a small project I created for college and to get to grips with the ins and outs of basic game development. Whilst it is short, it is has very challenging gameplay in the form of difficult jumping puzzles and obstacles. It comes packed with 6 levels, a boss fight, a brief tutorial and a chiptune soundtrack! All assets were designed and produced by me. Thanks for playing!

Jelly Dots Adventure

No genre

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Planet Centauri

No genre

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Discover the secrets that lurk through more than twenty biomes, tame monsters and make them your allies , save the Chloriniens from the Night Walkers , create a community and protect it , create your own weapons, your own armor, your own magic and make the planet Centauri the cradle of a new civilization or your tomb!

Colorblind filters

Each Monster, Weapon and armor is unique!

Dynamic gameplay & movement

Craft your own magic spells!


Catch them all! Capture and tame monsters

100,000 ++ physical combinations and more than 500 clothes

2 play modes, Scenario and Sandbox and 3 difficulties mode

Achievements are real impact in the game



Agriculture and Cooking


Create your weapons and armors

Create a village and give a job to the people

Create an advanced network system!

Set the behavior of the NPC and Robots

God Saucer - A lot of mini games and challenges

Mods, Mods everywhere - use many editors to create your own dungeons, biomes, monsters etc...

DUO! A new way to play Memory for IOS

Puzzle, brain game

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***Pairs is a game that most of us have played from a very young age. It’s good for child development, plus it’s kind of fun. DUO! takes that concept and makes it that bit harder and more entertaining.*** 148apps

DUO! is a refreshing reinvention of memory where making pairs is not enough any more. DUO! is both fun and relaxing. Take a journey through multiple worlds to explore new challenges and solve mind-stimulating puzzles. To advance, stay concentrated and remember each move you make. Good memory and strategy will lead to new levels packed with wild cards, bonuses and more. Cards will get shuffled, blown up and frozen. Literally! No worries though, there are also boosters to help you along the way for when the journey gets a bit too rough.


* Logic and memory improvement

* Fun for kids from 5 to 95

* 80+ unique levels

* Sleek 2D graphics and animations

* Relaxing game that encourages concentration

* Lots of exciting bonuses

* Challenge family and friends

* 18 cool badges to collect

* Optimized for iPhone 4 and newer


Like DUO! on Facebook:

Follow DUO! on Twitter:



We are working hard to bring you FREE new levels and updates soon!

SEEP Universe


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SEEP Universe is an action-platform game for the PC inspired by the 8-16 bit era created by SEEP.

Originally we released SEEP World, a free indie fan game inspired by 8 bit games.

After achieving a good response with that, we decided to make a really professional game with a similiar concept to create a new brand.

For full info go to:


No genre

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Moore's Folly

Experimental Horror

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Moore's Folly is a experimental horror experience that can be described as a lovecraftian tamagachi meets puzzle game. The game is intentionally opaque requiring players to use patience and the included instruction manual to figure out what exactly is going on.

Game can be downloaded here:

Exile Saga Kickstarter 2.0

Indie JRPG

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Exile Saga is the tale of a brand new game with promising traditional RPG aspects such as leveling, different classes, challenging puzzles, and intense combat. The encounters in Exile Saga are far from random; enemies wander the world seeking vulnerable (and tasty) morsels and they will often chase you down. In a dangerous wilderness in what remains of the world you go dungeon crawling with only a flashlight to lead you through danger. Some encounters need to be fought, other times encounters require sneaking past. Many challenges await you outside the safety of the monastery where the story begins.

Exile Saga Kickstarter 1.0


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Kickstarting the creation of Exile Saga - a JRPG created by Meraki Games

A Simple Act

Visual Novel

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A young woman has given up, given in. She can't stand the helping hands that try to bind and the nagging words of her mother. She breaks away and tries to spread her wings, only to be grounded by heavy rains. Looking for shelter instead she finds a ghost from a hazy past. A woman dressed in all white holding a little blue, polka dotted umbrella. They stand around, they sit and chat and the rain keeps pouring... yet the young woman, for the life of her, can't seem to piece together the whys, whens and, where.

Who is this strange woman?

Why does she seem so very...familiar?

She must make a choice to open up her heart, open up her past and, accept a little polka dotted umbrella. Her life forever changed by a simple act of kindness. Only the truth shall set you free...

A commercial visual novel we're working on!

Smash Hit Plunder

Virtual Reality/Exploration/Arcade

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Smash Hit Plunder lets players explore and wreck a dungeon, looking for as much treasure as possible. Rediscover the joy of smashing things, making a mess, and finding money down the back of your sofa, all without the job of cleaning up afterwards.

Stand up, sit down, multiple game modes, smashing and crashing, and play without a controller – Smash Hit Plunder is designed and developed for Gear VR.

January #1GAM

No genre

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ExBawx Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

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The ExBawx (better name coming) is a project I've been working on-and-off on for the past few months (exams are coming hard and fast). It's a wonderful little program that takes a regular webcam and cheap home-made headset to control video games with little dots (much like how the Oculus rift does but without the infrared). You can plug it into your phone and play almost instantly (after installing an app) and all rendering is done on the computer. Being GPU-accelerated, it shouldn't have such a large effect on games you play.

Features So-Far:

> PC Support (Other platforms coming soon)

> Runs at 30-70 FPS depending on your computer/game

> Android and WP support (for display though they screens are awfully small compared to mainstream VR headsets)

> Some GPU-acceleration (More to come)

> Unity, Flash, CryEngine integration (and pretty-much-any-other-engine-with-basic-IO-functions)

> Voice control

> Depth detection

The Huntsman

Horror, adventure

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The Huntsman is a Horror Survival adventure game based on Folk Tale's. You play as Little Red Riding hood on your way to grandma's house, and because your only 14 years old your imagination can Run wild, while there may be real Predators out there, we combined a few tales with an amazing heartwarming story, Our main component in the game is a system we designed that work a lot like The Insanity system from Amnesia, this is called your madness,but events are driven from your madness, the main Bad guy (The Huntsman) will change form based on your madness and levels will change each time you play and your madness is at a different level.secret doors may open and find more hidden clue's about our world...

Portfolio Roll

Visual Novels

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Some art from projects/commissions that I've released in the past, just in case anyone's interested in what kind of work I mainly produce. I'll update this as I come up with stronger/more up-to-date content.


2D Action Platformer

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Luckslinger is a hip hop infused spaghetti western action platformer with a lucky twist. In Luckslinger, the player's luck has an impact on events in the game world.



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ARGH-P-G is a fast-paced rogue-like touch-friendly dungeon crawler. Simple game-play that will offer the player depth if they so choose. A game that tries not to hinder the player.

Play at

A Game Of Life


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A game of life is a game about life. I originally crafted this game for Ludum Dare 31 and ironically while I was doing so life managed to inevitably get in the way.


Start UP

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Welcome to UMOGA, the Skill Funded platform for indie games! We offer a free ethical platform that allow video game creatives from all over the world to connect and collaborate .

This version of UMOGA is the second version of UMOGA. You will find a redesign, new social function such as our forum and an asset store.

Look at us as a pre KickStarter stage, we are here to help you assemble you own independent studio.

A lot of change is set to come in the following weeks and we are eager to hear back from you.

Have a feature idea? Spotted something wrong? contact us and we'll start working on a fix.

The UMOGA team